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recommend me some of your favourite blogs :)

If you are interested in where some of the content on this blog comes from I direct you to the following links: (I don’t think you need to know how to count or read to appreciate the content on this site)
Arithmancy photo pool ( pictures from flickr)

Some of my favorite blogs are:

Computer generated/algorithmic art:
Data is Nature
Algorithmic Worlds (on Tumblr)

Math blogs:
These first three may require some mathematical maturity. Both Tao and Gowers have Fields medals!
Whats New (by Terrance Tao)
Gowers’ Weblog (by Tim Gowers)
The n-Category Cafe (group blog with John Baez)
Shtetl-Optimized ( by Scott Aaronson who does research in quantum computing/complexity theory)

Blogs on Tumblr:
Sense, Essence, and Existence
Mathematical Poetics
Science is Beauty
Incomprehensible Universe
Quantum Mechanics
Troll Physics
Infinity Imagined ( and also Small Stuff)

People on Tumblr that I know in real life:
Pretentious Elitism
Cut & Paste
Ryan Salge (maybe if you follow him he will post more of his art!)

A music blog I just started recently where I post songs that I like: